Let us Polish and Enrich our F.I. and A.T.M art level

Eli Wadler

Let us give up finding a “drawer” solution for each ailment

Each one of us has a unique handwriting. It was acquired during childhood and developed during the years with the influence of imitation, character, occupation, mood etc. People who know us will recognize our handwriting at first glance. Graphologists are able to analyze our handwriting and deduce various characteristics like personality, health etc.

No one in their right mind will consider changing our handwriting or forcing us to have a different one just because THEY have a different handwriting. (Even the Medical Doctors wouldn't think of it...) The important thing is what is written - the content of what we write.

In the same way that different people have different handwritings, different ways of walking or different voices, it is natural that the work of each Feldenkrais teacher will be different from that done by their colleagues. Even from the work done by their teachers who taught them the Feldenkrais system art.

Proficient teachers, especially those with more than an ounce of art in their work and in their depth of sight, regard each Feldenkrais teacher as a diamond that can be polished to add more and more angles. To enable the light illuminating that diamond to increase its glamour. Such polishing will enable the students to acquire countless movement words and phrases, to be used as solutions to problems encountered during their practice - the Individual work (F.I) or the work in groups (A.T.M).

I see it as a huge privilege to offer the Master Class seminar, to discover such solutions with each one of you individually, as well as with the group - supporting each other. You will be able to learn more and more solutions that stem from the difficulties encountered by others. You all know how many times we find ourselves "stuck" or lacking a word during our work - a situation that forces us to compromise professionally. You all know how frustrating this situation is.

We will work together for a week, and will confront daily difficulties in our practice. We will try to keep ourselves as far as possible from movement patterns. We will try to find out how it is really possible to have a tailor made suit for each and every pupil-patient.

We will be working with Oval Balls, with various sizes of white polyethylene cylinders, chairs, Feldenkrais beds and fit-sit cushions.

All these items are used to compensate for the initial movement stiffness of the patient. The round elegant movements come back to the patient faster and in more concrete way. These items make us as teachers and therapists more flexible and more original in the way we work and react - everybody benefits more from the session.

A dull conversation between two people will not usually lead to friendship or to deeper acquaintance. Keeping that in mind, we must always react accurately to our patient's condition - our work will become productive. People sense it sharply and clearly.

I invite you to join me to learning from each other, to free ourselves from fixations and to enable each and every one of us to turn each working day to a creative celebration - to become what you can be - A Feldenkrais teacher full of solutions. As always in such occasions, we will experience many new ideas in F.I. and in A.T.M.

And a last remark: My teacher, Moshe Feldenkrais, always said that the majority of us utilize 10%-12% of our overall potential. Let's allow ourselves joyfully to outstand from that majority - it will benefit everybody.

Translation Hebrew-English: Menachem Greenstein


Die Osteoporose (Kalziumabbau) ist eine Krankheit, die sich durch langsamen

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enth?lt Informationen und Anleitungen zur Feldenkrais-M

Diese Webseite enth?lt Informationen und Anleitungen zur Feldenkrais-Methode, so wie Sie vom Nachfolger von Dr. wird, der ?ber zehn.

Die Osteoporose (Kalziumabbau) ist eine Krankheit, die sich durch langsamen

Diese Webseite
enth?lt Informationen und Anleitungen zur Feldenkrais-M

Movement is life. Without movement, life is unthinkable.
Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais
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